Serenity Academy: Beginner Guide

Quiz and Jobs!

If you are confident of your Web3 skills, and you are looking for a job, please try out this Quiz. We will help qualified candidates with web3 job hunting.

The Video Guide for Beginners

Now, let’s get started. To view courses from this website, you need the following basics. We have free video courses on Youtube to help you get started. Click the links below to learn these.

  1. Install a browser plug-in called MetaMask, which is the common tool for Web3. Please see our video course on “How to Use MetaMask”.
  2. In MetaMask, add the blockchain network called Polygon, which is the most popular blockchain other than Ethereum. Please see our video course on “How to Use an EVM Chain”.
  3. Add the MATIC toke into your wallet. For our courses, your need 0.99+ MATIC (about $0.90). Please see our video course on “How to Add Funds to Your MetaMask”. Do note that the video is about adding ETH to Ethereum, and for our website, you need to add MATIC for Polygon. Other than this, the rest is the same.

Navigate the Course Page

If you have completed the above, you can now choose the courses you like to start with. Each course here is a pdf deck (PPT and notes) covering a few related topics. Each course now has a standard price of 0.99 MATIC. We will add more courses to the page, so come back regularly to check it out!



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