[Weekly] Market Return on StableCoin-based Strategies (22 March 2021)

  • Yields from large protocols have stablised at 20%-30% levels, e.g. Curve, mStable, Idle, etc. Yearn has made solid progress in turns of product development, but in terms of yields, as its AUM gets bigger, its boost are less effective. Now, Yearn’s yield is comparable to 1.5x boost if you are looking veCRV on your own.
  • Newer platforms like Vesper and Float are giving better yields, even Keeperdao is slightly better than mature ones. Again, the token prices of these platforms fluctuated a lot more than Curve’s CRV or other mature platforms, so their yields are not stable.
  • We have added Float Finance this week. Our Company Watch article will follow later this week.
  • Exotic (non-USD) strategies yields came down from their peaks of 200% to 300%. This week’s top earning pool is Cover Protocol’s insurance arbitrage on Badger.
  • Our traditional strategy of Uniswap Liquidity Providing and Hedging on Binance were still the safe choice, when the market was volatile.




Zero risk and 20% return - risk neutralised cryptocurrency fund.

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The Serenity Fund

The Serenity Fund

Zero risk and 20% return - risk neutralised cryptocurrency fund.

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