[Weekly] Market Return on StableCoin-based Strategies (1 March 2021)

  • Curve (or Yearn if you do not wish to invest in CRV to boost) gave very reasonable yield for last week, with a few pools giving more than 50% APY. We will be publishing more articles on different pools of Curve. In addition, we have an article on the cost and benefit of CRV.
  • Other platforms — we include here for now KeeperDao, mStable, Idle Finance, Frax Finance and Vesper Finance — have in general lower yields compared to Curve/Yearn. Exception is Vesper, with over 70% yield.
  • If you consider some exotic strategies, like gold-USD pair, EUR-USD pair, or underwriting insurance, than the yield will be higher, e.g. 100%-200%. Nonetheless, the risks are higher in all aspects as well.
  • Our traditional strategy of Uniswap Liquidity Providing and Compound Leveraged Mining gave average yields now. Whilst Uniswap’s overall ROI seems to be higher, do remember this is only an estimate, as impermanent loss is point-of-time and not cumulative. So the Uniswap strategy’s actual yield depend on the time you exit.
  • Last week, Binance’s funding rates were mostly flat (0.01%) or even negative, so it did not generate much yields. In future, we will further update this to be Coin-Future based funding rates, to better reflect what an individual investor can do.



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The Serenity Fund


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